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This event was held on 2019.10.16 (Wed).

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radioDTM 500th & 10years Anniversary EXTRA 「Two Match Too Much Vol.3」

radioDTM 500th & 10years Anniversary EXTRA 「Two Match Too Much Vol.3」

  • date_range 10.16 (Wed) DOOR: 18:30 START: 19:30
  • grade Band
  • labelBentham突然少年
Totsuzensyounen and Bentham is decided for additional performance of radioDTM anniversary!
Early discount tickets are available today!

Podcast program “radioDTM” announced 500 performances and additional performances

for anniversary events commemorating the 10th anniversary.

Totsuzenshounen and Bentham was decided.

The other day, on an event to be held at Shinjuku LOFT on December 14,

A radioDTM anniversary event that has just been announced to

appear on webnokusoyaro, Kota Orizaka, and Have A Nice Day!

This performance, which will be held on October 16 prior to the performance,

will be the third of the two-man series that radioDTM has performed so far.

This is “Bentham × Totsuzenshounen”, the third time following

“Odokibanashi × ROTH BART BARON” and “Awesome City Club × HAPPY”.

Always perform live all over the country, one-man performances with eastern youth,

Furthermore, Totsuzenshounen who is now on the move, such as Fuji Rock appearance,

In 2017, it made a major debut and reached the 25 largest bands in history.

”Bentham” is a hybrid rock band who toured the whole country.

Bentham and radioDTM are old friendship who have been deeply involved in MV production.

radioDTM says, “I want to create a combination that other people can't do with radioDTM.

This time, it was a combination that can be beaten up naked. "

It seems to be a fun night to see what kind of chemical reaction occurs.

Beginning today, limited-edition early discount tickets will be on sale.

Since it is sold until September 16, early purchase is advantageous.

Anniversary event special site including this performance is also released,

so please check there for more details.

In addition, the free invitation ticket reception for the performance in December is until the end of August,

so if you are interested, please apply early.

It's likely that it will be a year for the anniversary year radioDTM to keep an eye on it.

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10月16日(wed)shibuya TSUTAYA O-nest

radioDTM 500th & 10years Anniversary EXTRA
「Two Match Too Much Vol.3」

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:30

DJ:Satou nau(radioDTM)

Early bird(lottery) ¥2300(+1D)
8/23(fri)〜 9/16(mon)

Adv ¥2800(+1D)
9/17(tue)〜 10/15(tue)
Notice to this Page later( )How to perchase

Day Ticket ¥3300(+1D)




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  • Bentham
  • 突然少年
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