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Maiko Performance with Traditional Kyoto-Style Dinner in Gion

11.28 (Thu) ⇨ 11.30 (Mon) @ Yasaka-Dori Enraku Children(Age 3 to 5)2020-02-27 18:00 ⇨ 2020-02-27 20:00 Sale Finished
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Maiko Performance with Traditional Kyoto-Style Dinner in Gion
11.28 (Thu) ⇨ 11.30 (Mon) | Yasaka-Dori Enraku, KYOTO, JAPAN

Maiko Performance with Traditional Kyoto-Style Dinner in Gion

  • date_range 11.28 (Thu) 18:00 ⇨ 11.30 (Mon) 20:00
  • time_with_maikokyotomaikogeikoTravelJapangiongeishaculturedinnerSHOW舞妓京都
  • placeYasaka-Dori Enraku
You will be gaining very rare experiences to chat with a Maiko!

You can interact with Maiko directly at the exceptional price
on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm.
You will be gaining very rare experiences to chat with a Maiko
who sits down just next to you and to play Ozashiki games and capture precious moments on your camera with a Maiko.
Are you curious about what precisely this tour is?
Check the detail information and make an online reservation now to meet Maiko in Kyoto!

19,600 / Adult
17,500/Youth(Age 6 to 17)
13,400/Child(Age 3 to 5)

18:00 Evening of Entertainment
■Upon arrival, be guided to the lovely banquet room in the authentic Japanese restaurant.
Please note that you will be seated on a tatami-matted floor without chairs.
For those who have issues with their knees or legs, please inform us in advance.

■Savor a delicious course meal made with a collection of small dishes consisting of seasonal and local ingredients. An open-bar with alcohol will be served with your meal.
Vegetarian, Muslim-friendly and other dietary requirements must be made at least a day prior to your reservations.

Maiko Performance
■While feasting upon your dinner, a lovely maiko will make her entrance as the interpreter will give a short introduction. After getting an insight on her gorgeous kimono and beautiful accessories, you will watch two elegant dance performances using fans and graceful movement.

Conversation With the Maiko
■Take part in this rare opportunity to talk with the maiko directly.
The maiko will be paying a visit to your table with an English-speaking translator who will be available to assist you at this time if you have any questions to ask.

Play Traditional Games
■Also known as ozashiki-asobi, experience playing a fun drinking game with the maiko.
Challenge the maiko to a game of Tora Tora using rock-paper-scissors or the rhythmical Konpira Fune Fune and see if you can win!
Winners will be awarded with a small prize to take home.

Photo Time
■At the end of your experience, take a memorable photo with the maiko!
Feel free to also take photos and videos of the maiko during their performance and while playing games

20:00 Activity Ends at Yasaka-dori Enraku Restaurant

- Meals (8 items course)
- All you can drink drinks (including alcohol)
- One lovely interpreter guide (English)
- Direct conversation with Maiko
- Playing traditional games with Maiko
- Taking photos with Maiko

・This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
・Infants ages 0-2 may join for free if they do not require a separate seat or meal. If they wish to have a separate seat or meal, please book them as a child.
・To ensure that all guests enjoy the activity, please keep an eye on your child at all times. If necessary, please excuse yourself from the room and take your child outside to calm down and rejoin the activity after.
・During the activity, you will be sitting on a tatami-matted floor and chairs will not be available. However, if you have issues with your knees or legs, kindly advise us in advance.
・Please note that this is not a private activity and will be seated in a shared space with other customers.
・If less than 6 participants are booked, the activity may not operate.
Additional Note(s)
・The activity schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or traffic conditions.
・If you are traveling by a rental bicycle, please return your bicycle prior to arriving or park it in the bicycle parking lot at the station.
・Vegetarian, Muslim-friendly and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated if requested at least a day in advance. Please understand that last minute adjustments cannot be made on site.

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