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This event was held on 2019.12.12 (Thu).

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OSAKA TRADITIONAL SHOW ー Let’s Enjoy English Rakugo Show
12.12 (Thu) ⇨ 12.14 (Sat) | 銭屋ホール, OSAKA, JAPAN

OSAKA TRADITIONAL SHOW ー Let’s Enjoy English Rakugo Show

  • date_range 12.12 (Thu) TBA ⇨ 12.14 (Sat)
  • place銭屋ホール
  • 大阪市天王寺区石ケ辻町14-2 錢屋本舗南館6F

「A fun Rakugo show with a set of Japanese sweets in line with the performance!!
You can enjoy at Zeniya Hall, a new base for Rakugo.」

English Rakugo Comic Storytelling
Onna Douraku Comic Monologue with Shamisen
Puppet Rakugo
Kaishi Katsura (English Rakugo)
Eika Utsumi (Onna Douraku)
Fukuryu Katsura (English Rakugo)
Kakusho Shofukutei (Puppet Rakugo)

2019.12/12 (thu)~12/14(sat)

12/12 木 thu. 19:00  福龍 Fukuryu  かい枝 Kaishi 鶴笑 Kakusho
12/13 金 fri. 19:00  福龍 Fukuryu  かい枝 Kaishi 英華 Eika 
12/14 土 sat. 14:00 福龍 Fukuryu 鶴笑 Kakusho
12/14 土 sat. 18:00 福龍 Fukuryu  かい枝 Kaishi 英華 Eika 

Adv/2,500¥ Day/3,000¥

◎Venue Access
Zeniya Hall
Zeniyahompo-minamikan6F, Ishigatsuji-cho, Tennoji-Ku, Osaka City, 543-0031 Japan
-Get off at Kintetsu Osaka Line “Osaka Uehonmachi” station, 5 minuets walk
-Get off at Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line “Tanimachi 9-chome” station, 7 minutes walk from Exit 12, or 10 minutes walk from Exit 8

Please be sure to check the venue and performance date when purchasing tickets.
Please note that changes and cancellations cannot be made after payment.

Tel: 06-6372-3690
Fax: 06-6372-3691

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