Music Of Many Colours with Vince Watson, sauce81 supported by Roland
06.21 (Fri) | Contact, TOKYO, JAPAN

Music Of Many Colours with Vince Watson, sauce81 supported by Roland

  • date_range 06.21 (Fri) 22:00 to 05:00
  • grade House
  • labelVince WatsonDazzle Drumssauce81T.PDJ Phenol (RICE BALL)KENGO

Vince Watson Live Set (Yoruba | Planet E | Delsin | Everysoul | Netherlands)
Dazzle Drums (Block Party | Green Parrot Recording)

[Special Dance Showcase]
Mnchr-m × PILOT's -Live Session
Beng Teng Funky Works (陽 + 翼 + GORIKING) -Dance Showcase
T.I.C SIVA, REI, Toshiya, NYON, KEIN, Rey -House Music Session

[Floor Creation Dancers]
Yu-ya (NMZ | afrospot), aki (CARNIVAL), 馬壱 (SAS), SIVA, Yukiko SWAN (Crazy natives nyc), Lil’Loca, discoSARA, Sana (MOMC), Kenshu (LunaticK), みたらし, Kazoo

[Dancer Planning]

Machida (LSW)

sauce81 Live Set (N'gaho Ta'quia | 77 Karat Gold)
Phenol (RICEBALL | yygcru)
Kengo (Block Party)

[Roland Exhibition]


[Curry Stand]

[Coffee Stand]


多種多彩な表現を一晩に凝縮しハウスミュージック本来の醍醐味を伝える、Music Of Many Colours。第7回目の開催はRolandの協力のもと音楽表現の本質と引力を実体験に繋げる企画を試みる。
ライヴアクトとして、アムステルダムからVince Watsonを招聘。デトロイトテクノ、そしてハウス/テクノのクロスオーヴァーのパイオニアとして90年代から第一線で活躍。 緻密に構成された美しいピアノ・インストゥルメンタル「Eminescence」は幅広い世代のハウスリスナーに愛される傑作だ。Vinceの高度なスキルに基づいたライヴパフォーマンスは、素晴らしい演奏に立ち会ったときの純粋な感動を私たちに与えてくれる。また、'08年Red Bull Music Academyに参加してから現在まで国内外のフェスティバルなどで活躍を続けるsauce81が、Contactフロアでライヴを披露。ファンクとソウルフルをシンセとヴォーカルでリアルタイムに交差させながらグルーヴを増してゆく彼独自のスタイルは、テクノロジーと生身の人間から生まれる温かさを音楽から伝えてくれる。
この日はダンス・ショウケースにおいてもライヴやDJとのセッションなど、音楽だけでなく身体表現においても即興性の強い内容となるが、それらの瞬発力を支える積み重ねられた技術と情熱は観るものを高揚させてくれる。DJは主宰Dazzle Drumsと、交流の深いレギュラーDJ達が、ハウスパーティにおいての一晩の流れを視野に、個々の持ち味を発揮する。オープンからクローズまで刺激溢れる充実の内容で構成される、この日のMOMCに乞うご期待。 

★当日展示しているRoland機材を鳴らした感想を、該当機材の写真と一緒にハッシュタグ #Roland を付けイベント開催時間内にTwitterアカウント @m_o_m_c にツイートすると、抽選で1名様にTR-08をプレゼント!

「House party with colorful musical expression infused by technology」

Deeply rooted in house music, Music Of Many Colours provides a space for people to express themselves freely and experience the power of dance music. The 7th edition will be supported by Roland to provide the essence of music and the form of expression through the art.
Hailing from Amsterdam, Vince Watson will take the stage for a live performance. Considerably a pioneer who has crossed over Detroit Techno and techno/house in the 90’s. His beautifully composed instrumental piano piece「Eminescence」household track for many house lovers of all generations. Vince’s pure and high quality performance will take us in to a world of ecstasy.
Since appearing at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008, sauce81 has been performing nationwide in clubs and festival with his distinct style incorporating real-time vocals and synths creating funky and soulful sounds. He will be playing live in the Contact floor, passing on the warmth of his music through technology to the audience.
Foyer floor will exhibit some of the equipments used by these artists. The crowd will be able to have hands-on experience of rhythm machines and synths, as well as the support and assistance of trained experts from Roland.
The hosts Dazzle Drums never fail to bring various colors of the dance culture. Showcasing dancers, live acts, and DJs whom are closely affiliated with the organizers themselves.

★Tweet your opinion and a picture of the equipment you’ve experienced exhibited that day with the hashtag #Roland and tag the Twitter account @m_o_m_c to earn a chance at winning a TR-08!

Open 10PM
¥1000 Before 11PM
¥1000 Under 23
¥1000 Student
¥2500 GH S Members
¥3000 w/Flyer
¥3000 FB Discount
¥3500 Door